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Ahead of Hong Kong concert, pianist Stephen Hough talks about the music that saved him as a teenager - South China Morning Post
When British pianist Stephen Hough was 11 years old he had a terrible, recurring fear of being mugged. And then at 12 he was indeed mugged and everything changed. From being a relatively happy child, he became an introverted young teenager whose talent.

45 ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ plot details explained by the novelization
And the target didn”t explode originally ... 34: She is just as surprised as the rest of us that her Jedi Mind Trick worked. Rey has no idea what is going on, only that she is grateful her gamble worked. #35: Rey stole a speeder for a high speed chase.

How Ed Sheeran became the biggest male popstar on the planet -
Sheeran's trick is to be both an everyman and a man apart. He is, to his fans, just like them, but with the talent of Van Morrison and a determination of a honey badger. Where does this intensity come from? It's easy to imagine some repressed wrong.

Women accused of killing Kim Jong-nam pushed in wheelchairs for Malaysia airport crime scene tour as trial takes ... - South China Morning Post
Jimmy Carter Lusts for a Trump Posting New York Times.

There's no excuse for the American gun culture - South China Morning Post
But by night, there were just two diversions: sitting around a huge campfire, flicking off white desert scorpions as tribal balladiers recounted the Bughti tribe's long heroic history in song; and sloping off into the desert dark to play target.

New Zealand's War on Rats Could Change the World - The Atlantic
Conservation demands safe gene drive - PLOS PLOS.

'America's Got Talent' 5th Judge: Despite a Few Misfires, Unique Acts Shine Through - TooFab
Angelina Green (singer) sang “Gravity” without her ukelele and some of the charm that made her stand out from the very large pack of young singers on this show faded away. Now, she looks like and sounds like a contestant who may get the judge hands.

"I Never Saw Him Make a Mistake": Prince's Drum Programmer Remembers
Except maybe the drums, but only because he didn’t practice them enough ... Puffy’s cool—he’ll talk to anybody. But Prince, it was Jedi mind tricks. Working with him was like boot camp. I wasn’t intimidated by anybody after that.

Two million British viewers watch Clarkson's new show: The Grand Tour pulls in less than half of the audience of Top ... - Daily Mail
But analysts still hailed The Grand Tour a success after it became the UK's most watched subscription only streamed programme and attracted a raft of new subscribers to Amazon's video services, many of them a different target audience from existing.

F1 is behind me, says rejuvenated Jean-Eric Vergne as he targets Hong Kong win and Formula E title - South China Morning Post
At least when he next comes to Hong Kong in December for the opening race of the new Formula E season, Jean-Eric Vergne will have a little more time to get over the jetlag. “Just landed in Hong Kong, I don't know what's my name anymore,” the Frenchman.

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