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Cheapo Travel: Why it’s better to skip package tours
Thailand. All we had to do was sign up. Photo: Marla Jo Fisher, Orange County Register Then, you rely on the hotel to help you find things to do. Trust me, hotels, guesthouses and hostels get commissions from travel companies. They are very interested in.

How to get the best deal on your holiday money abroad - The Independent
As a result the price of a trip to the top of New York's Empire State Building has soared to its highest ever in sterling terms. A family of four (including two under-13 children) will pay over £171, including an $8 ... The same goes for resorts in.

In an uncertain world, travel insurance provides peace of mind (and, occasionally, an emergency trip home)
In 2016, 42.6 million Americans bought travel insurance - an increase of 24 percent from two years before. This year, that number is likely to climb even higher. The reasons are myriad: We're traveling farther from home, we're spending more money.

The most common scams targeting Australians in Thailand -
The Hong Kong-based airline pilot would later realise he'd been swindled in a clever “attractions closed” scam. It's one of a number of ways cunning con artists are preying on Western tourists in Thailand , according to insurance company Travel with Jane.

We Travel Full-Time Using These 3 Money-Saving Tricks - International Living
Sometimes it can be a difference of hundreds of dollars between the days. It has saved us lots of money —thank you Google. Traveling can be intimidating and we know not everyone can do it full time, but we hope these tips will help you travel more for.

37 Ways To Game The Airlines: How To Get Free Flights, Travel Perks And More - Forbes
Travel Expertise: Sills-Dellegrazie is a blogger, teacher and award travel expert. She has been able to hike in Patagonia, spend time with elephants in Thailand , snowmobile in Finnish Lapland and much more all because of miles and points. She shares&nbsp.

Boom in room supply a drag on Thailand's hotel industry - Hotel Management Magazine
A surge in demand has been a boon to Thailand's hotel industry, but an increase in room supply is threatening hotel revenues. A recent CBRE report stated hotel demand has risen across ... This new generation of travelers tends to be more demanding in.

Sponsored Ad: More Than Just a Stamp in Your Passport: Travel Visa Tips from a Seasoned Pro - Fox5NY
It wasn't an overall travel fee! If I'd come overland or by water from Uruguay, it wouldn't have applied and I could have saved my money ! That experience was just one of the many lessons I learned (often the hard way) about the ins and outs of travel.

The world's best hidden beaches: Trang archipelago, Thailand - The Guardian
As its nickname implies – farang is Thai for foreigner – you'll find a large concentration of backpackers here. Still, with ... To avoid congestion, make the trip in the late afternoon, after the longtail boats (from £14) carting other travellers.

A family who's been traveling nonstop for years shares their 5 best tips -
Just thinking about traveling with kids can be nightmare-inducing for many, but for this adventurous family of four, being on the road is just a way of life. Australians Caz and Craig Makepeace, 41 and 43 respectively, have visited 52 countries and.

When is the best time to go to Thailand? -
Thailand is home to a typical tropical climate in the far south, with central and southern Thailand not seeing much variation in temperatures year-round, while the north is more affected by the monsoon than the south. Average temperatures throughout.

6 smart ways to recognize and avoid tourist traps
It's a heavily advertised attraction that lures unsuspecting tourists away from their time and money ... Thai people haggling for knickknacks at the Damnoen Saduak floating market. And the few Jamaicans at Dunn's River Falls are the guides who hustle for tips.

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