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A collection of myths and urban legends about Houston -
Have you ever heard the Houston urban legend about the little girl who was stuck by a heroin needle in a McDonald's ball pit and died? Or how about the one about no zoning restrictions? Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and email chains, urban legends and&nbsp.

Here's why security cameras are becoming an absolute essential for Pakistanis
Do you often have to travel ... left at a bus or train station or an airport. These cameras can also be used to trace materials in a warehouse or industry. Different setups call for difference choices of security solutions. Here are some tips that you.

A New Way to Challenge the Failed "War on Drugs" - Common Dreams
Now smokers cannot indulge on airplanes, buses , trains or in schools, waiting rooms and most office buildings. Had we driven tobacco use underground, organized crime would have claimed the tobacco market and smokers and low-level dealers would have&nbsp.

The Best Places and Things to Eat in Las Vegas' Chinatown - Food & Wine (blog)
You can't even find a ramen shop." In Vegas' Chinatown, you'll find plenty of ramen, including the fabulous tonkotsu, shoyu and miso noodle bowls at Monta, another of Koleff's restaurants. You'll also be able to try world- class sushi, udon, Thai food.

The best walking tours in San Francisco for all types of people - SFGate
People have invented myriad ways to tour San Francisco – double-decker buses , go-carts, hippie vans, and even (shudder) Segways. But walking around the city is the most accessible way to do it – there are no parking hassles to deal with and no traffic&nbsp.

Syrian women reveal what it’s REALLY like to live through a brutal civil war… and share their stories of love, heartache and horror
Determined to make a difference, Hala started to work with refugees, undertaking human rights violation documentation training along with other ... have been travelling on a double-decker bus, which will tour around Europe to raise awareness for those.

Watch Ed Helms, Patton Oswalt turn evil henchmen in exclusive 'Mune' video - USA TODAY
The dim duo's boss, the dark lord Necross, is the nefarious ruler of the Underworld and the real darkness in the fantasy film. Christian Slater voices Leyoon, heir apparent as the Guardian of the Moon, who inexplicably loses the job to a carefree faun.

HBO Drops 'The Deuce' Series Premiere Two Weeks Ahead Of Schedule - Gothamist
It's in that nearly forgotten underworld where "a cast of barkeeps, prostitutes, pimps, police and nightlife denizens...swirl through a world of sex, crime, high times and violence and the porn business begins its climb from Mafia-backed massage.

Attorneys and Marijuana - California Lawyer
Bus . & Prof. Code, § 6101(a).) And although past sanctions activity might provide some insight into the State Bar's approach going forward, the brave new world of legalized marijuana and a hostile Department of Justice defy easy application of precedent.

RFD-TV Announces New Fall Lineup and Returning Seasons
This season, the “horse master” is back with more tips and tricks that highlight Goodnight’s training as a classical rider and ... Madison’s unique and adventurous upbringing meant life on a tour bus, where each new stop brought new adventures.

Salvation and Self-Sacrifice - Wall Street Journal
If variety were an absolute requirement for literary greatness, Alice McDermott would be out of luck. With few exceptions, her characters are always Irish-American and Catholic. They live the kind of lives that are unfailingly called “small”—meaning.

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