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Everything travellers need to know about the earthquake in the Italian island of Ischia -
The Association of British Travel Agents says: “ABTA is aware of an the earthquake that occurred yesterday evening on the Italian island of Ischia. Holidaymakers in the areas affected are advised to follow the advice of the Foreign Office, local.

Letters: your Sri Lanka tips - The Times
I was intrigued by your piece on Sri Lanka (The Big Trip , last week). Train travel in the country is an experience you'll never forget. We visited Colombo from our beach-front hotel — a journey time of 45 minutes costing 30p return. The 8.35am.

Japan tourist advice: 11 tips on trains, apps and more
We've taken care a lot of that for you with the tips below ... flat-rate foreigner-only Japan Rail Pass, which can be used throughout the extensive JR train network on all four main islands, can save a lot of money for travel by train.

What can I expect on a rail tour? - Saga Magazine News
In the sense that you stay in one comfortable place while the scenery moves, trains are the land-based equivalent of cruise ships. That's a good thing for anyone who loves travel but hates the process of travelling . Until the arrival of autonomous.

Tips and advice on saving money while you're travelling overseas -
Travel is full of surprises, but some are not so welcome. The airline that suddenly adds a surcharge because you're buying your ticket with a credit card, the $50 fee when you board a budget airline with more than the seven kilogram limit for carry-ons.

Yes, Train Vacations Can Be Luxe Enough for a Honeymoon -
Train vacations don't have to be as flawed as Amtrak's northeast regional. In fact, journey by rail can be one of the most efficient, adventurous, and luxurious parts of any honeymoon. Whether you choose a high-speed train through scenic European.

Sicily's best beaches: chosen by readers - The Guardian
Secret beach a train ride from Palermo. I've lived in Palermo for five years. After eight months I'd grown tired of always ending up at Mondello (bedlam in the summer months) and Cefalù (pretty but very busy). It was a student who whispered to me one.

Rick Steves: I got pickpocketed in Paris!
I went back to my hotel, referred to the "in case of emergency" advice ... guard in train stations, especially upon arrival, when you may be overburdened by luggage and overwhelmed by a new location. Take turns watching the bags with your travel partner.

To tip or not to tip? Confusion reigns for travelers - USA TODAY
That's not likely to go over well with the good folks in the hospitality industry who depend on tips , but maybe they need to read this. Shylar Bredewold, who owns an online travel agency in London, Canada, was stunned when a bartender recently told him.

Travel to Venice in winter: How to see to see Venice without the heat or the crowds -
I make my husband and children close their eyes as we exit Santa Lucia station. They shuffle behind me, holding each other's arms, until I let them look. Their jaws drop, and they gaze in wonder at the scene before them, which has changed little over.

10 simple ways to travel without looking like a tourist -
would you worry about looking like a tourist? It's always been my feeling that it comes with certain disadvantages. You get treated differently – occasionally better, but often much worse. You are an obvious target for sales scams. And crucially, I.

Oops, wrong city! Stupid travel mistakes and how to avoid them - USA TODAY
Pay attention. If you do, you won't end up like Allan Jordan, who showed up for a recent Virgin Atlantic Airways flight from New York to London, only to discover he'd overlooked a small but important detail. "The woman at the ticket counter very.

How to Spend a Month in Italy for Less - TravelPulse
From its breathtaking western beaches to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the sweeping mountain views of its northern lakes, Italy offers nearly any kind of scenery you could want. However, people also come to this amazing country for the food, culture.

Travel agents share dumbest complaints from travellers -
It seems that once travellers have packed their bags and jetted home after their break they can't wait to email and phone in about the niggles that spoiled their trip . But while we all know that a long delay, shabby hotel and filthy beach can blight.

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