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7 scenic train journeys in China -- riding the Dragon's Back - CNN
Acting like a feeder to the Trans - Siberian Railway , this epic journey provides incredibly scenic views of sheep herds and green fields. Passengers can see the Great Wall giving way to brick houses and sandy towns near the border, before crossing the.

Great rail journeys of the world: readers' tips - The Guardian
The sheer amount of time to be on a train was daunting, but it was the highlight of my trip . There may be journeys with more epic scenery, longer tunnels and higher bridges, but it's the experiences inside the train that shine more than the sights outside.

The Trans-Siberian Railway Might Soon Take Passengers From London to Tokyo
A journey on the Trans Siberian Railway is often hailed as the trip of a lifetime, mostly because the 6,152 mile route between Moscow and Vladivostok is believed to be the longest you can take on just one train. Yet the historic railway could soon become.

Russia and Japan discuss bridge across 28 miles of sea - The Times
Russia and Japan are in “serious discussions” to link the two countries with a bridge that could allow rail travel all the way from London to Tokyo. The proposed 28-mile bridge would join Cape Crillon on the Russian island of Sakhalin to Cape Soya at.

N. Korean workers in Russia fear sanctions will send them home
Importing labor Known for being the last stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway ... Tumen River near the border with North Korea. A recent train was sparsely populated, indicating that cross border travel remains slight, but for the North Korean workers.

This mesmerising film will make you want to quit your job and move to Siberia -
This short film will make you want to explore Russia onmanorama.

Travelling India as a Solo Female: Finding Love and Safety between the Chaos
My guide tells me to wait here until the camels arrive ... Her travels have taken her across Asia, Northern Africa, along the Trans-Siberian Railway and around Europe - always taking the road less travelled and always aiming to go a little deeper into.

Trans-Siberian Railway Extension Could Link London to Tokyo - Travel+Leisure
Brits could soon be able to travel by train all the way from London to Tokyo The Sun.

The 5 most useful resources for planning your Trans-Siberian adventure - Wanderlust
Organising a trip on the legendary Trans - Siberian railway can appear a little daunting to the uninitiated, but to fortunately there is plenty of great impartial advice and guidance out there on how to do it. Be careful though, as there are also.

Strange Love? US Tourists Flock to Russia in Record Numbers - Travel+Leisure
and often controversial history between the U.S. and Russia. Another travel expert had a more contemporary rationale for the elevated interest: “Russia is selling like hotcakes,” Paul Wiseman, president of Russian tour group Trafalgar USA, told.

Trans-Siberian Railway: a view from Moscow to Vladivostok – a photo essay - The Guardian
This year, I was able to realise one of my dream trips: riding the entire length of the Trans - Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. I lost count of the piroshki (fried buns), potatoes, pelmeni (dumplings), and pickles I enjoyed. Between passing.

Trans-Siberian railway: Alternative routes and other secrets - CNN
CNN) — A century ago, a turbulent Russia was only months away from the simmering discontent among the impoverished peasant population that erupted into the Bolshevik Revolution. The doomed final Tsar, Nicholas II, soon to be executed along with his&nbsp.

10 train travel tips to help you prepare for your next rail journey - The Plaid Zebra (blog)
Train travel has become one of the most romanticized modes of transportation. It's easy to dream about journeys such as the Trans - Siberian Railway , the Marrakech Express, or The Rocky Mountaineer while pouring over photos of gorgeous landscapes on&nbsp.

10 of the world's most luxurious railway journeys everyone should take a trip on -
Deluxe trains are the pinnacle of relaxed travel , according to the Luxury Train Club, a concierge service for travellers seeking unbiased advice about the world's finest rail journeys. ... Odette Fussey, sales director at trip provider, Russia.

Seven Asian rail journeys you'll remember for a lifetime - South China Morning Post
Booking the ultimate bucket-list train trip boils down to three key decisions and starts with the route. The Trans - Siberian Railway snakes 9,258km across Russia, from Vladivostok to Moscow, while the shorter but more popular Trans-Mongolian line runs.

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