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Sardinia's less-traveled southern coast - Travel+Leisure
We spent a morning at Chia Beach, a long curl of sand beside water clear enough that I could see my toes in it. A 16th-century stone watch-tower rose from a nearby outcropping, looming above the lines of rainbow-colored umbrellas. When I stood still at.

Passenger Says United Forced Her to Hold Son in Lap Despite $1000 Ticket Purchase - Travel+Leisure
United Airlines takes seat away from child on Houston flight, forces him to sit on his mother's lap

Travel Agent Who Stole $250000 In Bookings From Her Agency Gets Jail Time - Travel Market Report
She rebooked the reservations through her own travel agency , Toes in the Sand Travel, and a host agency, whose name TMR has been cautioned about repeating under threat of lawsuit by its legal counsel, as it was not found guilty of any crime in.

Minnesota's pioneering Muslim model featured in new Nike ad campaign - Post-Bulletin
Aden was photographed in her hometown of St. Cloud earlier this month at a batting cage and go-kart racing course. The photos first surfaced last week on Adens Instagram account. She posted two photos of herself dressed from head to toe in Nike apparel.

7 Money-Saving Tax Tips for Freelancers and Remote Workers
Try these seven tips to take more control over your taxes ... Tax-deductible business expenses may include advertising, travel, auto mileage, office furniture, supplies, computers, software or insurance. Even if something is partly personal and partly.

Knowledge Is Power
When the Travel Institute (formerly the Institute of Certified Travel Agents) began its travel agency certification program more than ... “By developing sales skills, communication skills, marketing and business planning expertise, travel professionals.

This Woman's Experience Is Your Reminder to Never Put Your Bare Feet Up on Planes - Travel+Leisure
You settle in for a long flight. You try to get comfortable. Get your complimentary ginger ale. Put your headphones in. And then, it happens. You see toes . The passenger behind you has officially broken the sacred, cardinal rule of air travel : Never.

How to Break Away From 'Beach Body' Anxiety - Travel+Leisure
The internal panic sparked by a beach trip takes up more space in our brains than we should allow. We've been fed a fictitious understanding that only one kind of body is allowed on display at the proverbial runways of a sandy coastline. If it hasn't.

17 Comfy Heels That Were Made for Traveling - Travel+Leisure
There's no question that it's pointless to try to hobble through security in toe -crunching stilettos, but it is possible to pull off a heeled shoe while balancing comfort and style. We recently spoke with Joan Oloff, podiatrist and luxury footwear.

Advertisers Rip a Page From Wall Street Playbook to Curb Fraud - Bloomberg
When a brand or agency wants to get an ad placed, they can do it the old-fashioned way, reaching out over the phone or negotiating via email, but there's also automated ad exchanges that pair up advertisers with publishers in tiny fractions of a second.

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