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Machu Picchu Is Introducing New Regulations for Visitors this July - Travel+Leisure
Will new limits on visiting Machu Picchu save the ancient citadel?

Tourists Stranded As Protesters Block Path to Machu Picchu - Travel+Leisure
PeruRail subsequently suspended rail service Wednesday and Thursday, promising to refund or reschedule the money for tickets already purchased, according to Reuters. The railway was forced to suspend service for several days last year because of.

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With the recent U.S. State Department warning about travel to Mexico in the wake of a woman dying at an all-inclusive resort, safety while traveling is top of mind – especially for women. It's not the first warning about travel to Mexico: In December.

Seven Newly Accessible Wonders of the World - Bloomberg - Bloomberg
These places have all the visual splendor and historic appeal of the world's most famous monuments. But few tourists have been able to see them—until now.

4 Easy Ways to Make Friends As a Solo Traveler - Travel+Leisure
Upon arriving at Los Angeles International Airport for my flight to Peru, I felt a few extra butterflies floating around in my stomach. I'm not your typical worrywart or even a nervous flier, but this trip had me more anxious than other getaways.

Pilots Turn Flight Paths Into Art in This Sky Doodle Contest - Travel+Leisure
If you think about it, the sky is basically one giant, blue canvas. And that's precisely why the aviation company Lightspeed is challenging pilots to put their flying (and art) skills to the test with a special drawing contest called the Wild Blue.

Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu: Six tips
You can make your own arrangements or book through a number of veteran outfitters such as Mountain Travel Sobek. They will arrange all tickets, transfers, transport, accommodations and guides. When is the best time to see Machu Picchu? Machu Picchu is open.

Sinister secrets Kuelap, Machu Picchu’s sister city
Yet head to the less-visited north of Peru and you’ll find another lost city possessing astounding beauty, incredible scale and some seriously sinister secrets ... travel spot, this mysterious lost city is a sleeping giant. Considered the Machu Picchu.

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It's among the world's most-expensive real estate per square foot, where the oceanfront views never tire, and where the price of entry buys access to the otherwise inaccessible—165 apartments aboard The World, a condo cruise ship. Its intensely.

How Evita Robinson Is Changing Travel With a Global Community of Travelers - Travel+Leisure
Travel by definition is not static — it's being on the move, with changing locations and changing perspectives. In a new series, Travel + Leisure is profiling some of the game changers in the travel sphere that are taking innovation on the road.

Some of the world's priciest real estate floats on the open seas - Financial Post
Since he bought in, he's been to Antarctica three times and counts the Galápagos, Machu Picchu , and the Russian Arctic among his most memorable adventures. He spent 10 months aboard last year, conducting business by email and conference calls via the.

The 20 most crowded places on earth — from tourist attractions to isolated islands - INSIDER
The city of Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world and is the most visited destination in Peru, according to its official website. The site also said that the energy of the Incan Gods, called the Apus, are said to be present at the ruins.

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