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Searching for Exoplanets Around HL Tau -
Testi notes that in order to find smaller planets 70 a.u. from HL Tau, astronomers will need to improve the contrast in their infrared imaging by 3 to 4 magnitudes at only 0.5 arcseconds from the central star, something still out of reach for current.

Up, Up, and Away with Comet 252P -
As seen in a 10-inch or larger scope , 252P fills most of the field of view and reveals a very faint, not-quite-stellar nucleus. Since it's still moving along at a fairly good clip — still more than 1° a day or about 3′ per hour — you can detect its.

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12 Must-Brings For Your Next Stargazing Trip
With a clean, easy-to-use interface based on Google Maps, the site also lets users leave tips for fellow campers ... star before it disappears into the night. Celestron Travel Scope 70: Small enough to slip into a backpack, and inexpensive enough to.

How to Choose Your First Telescope - Sky & Telescope
Armed with these few basic types of telescopes, you'll have a good idea what to look for (and what to avoid) when scouring the marketplace for your new scope . Get the one that's right for you! The telescope you want has two essentials: high-quality.

Dunlap Observatory, RIP - Sky & Telescope
While the fate of historic Yerkes Observatory near Chicago hangs in the balance, it seems that another astronomical landmark will soon disappear. Dunlap Observatory. When it was built in 1935, the David Dunlap Observatory's 74-inch (1.88 meter.

Praising Arizona — I -
At Kitt Peak National Observatory, some 45 miles ( 70 km) southwest of Tucson, the Spacewatch Project also searches for asteroids and NEOs. Spacewatch, led by Bob McMillan, uses a 1.8-meter and a 0.9-meter telescope. Asteroid 2005 YU55, a 400-meter&nbsp.

See November's Speedy Leonids - Sky & Telescope
Because the Leonid stream travels around the Sun in a direction opposite to the planets, Earth hits Tempel-Tuttle's debris head-on at very high speed. Leonids pepper our planet at speeds upwards of 158,000 miles per hour ( 70 km/sec), the fastest of any&nbsp.

Meade did end up replacing the scope ... of astrophotography, as evidenced by examples on the ETX Site. Mike here: The short focal length of the ETX-70 is why you don't see much magnification. Go to the January-April 2012 Astrophotography - Tips page.

Sony A6000 Gallery - imaging resource
So here I am in trouble again. For my wife's birthday I gave her the Sony a6000 camera to use with her Vortex Viper spotting scope . We want to attach an adapter to the a6000 so we can attach the a6000 to the scope and take pictures of aliens invading.

Building a DIY Barn Door Tracking Mount for Long-Exposure Astrophotography - PetaPixel
Getting quality astrophotography shots comes with several challenges, and one of the main ones is that the starts don't stand still — or, more accurately, we don't. Since the Earth enjoys spinning on its axis once every 24-hours or so, exposures in.

ALMA Radio Array Gets to Work - Sky & Telescope
As the 20th century drew to a close, radio astronomers were eager to jump-start research at submillimeter and millimeter wavelengths, a largely unexplored spectral window where they hoped to explore some of the coldest, darkest, and most distant.

Mercury's Slow Glide Across the Sun - Sky & Telescope
Members of the New Hampshire Astronmical Society set up their scopes on the sidewalk in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where the skies stayed clear long enough to capture this crisp view of the transit of Mercury in hydrogen-alpha light.

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