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49 stunning rooftop bars and restaurants - CNN
We tracked down travel writers, bar/restaurant pundits and some good old-fashioned worldly drinkers and eaters to find the best rooftop bars and restaurants around the planet. Combining fantastic views, great mixes, of the quaffable and auditory kind.

Beautiful Hong Kong is pulsating with life and culture - (blog)
This was our first trip to Asia to visit our son, who has lived in Hong Kong for several years, and our expecting daughter-in-law. After a 16-hour ... Legislators who refused allegiance to Beijing have been removed from office, and during our visit we.

China will have 250-mph bullet trains within three years - Travel+Leisure
Already home to the world's biggest high-speed rail network, China has unveiled plans to bring a new generation of high-speed bullet trains to the public by 2020. The trains will run on a maximum speed of 400 kilometers per hour (roughly 250 miles per.

Chinese tourists: What they want from a holiday - Traveller
Still, the Chinese government was moved just four years ago, thanks to unflattering feedback, to issue unintentionally revelatory proclamations on what its citizens should and should not do while abroad, under the title of ' Guide to Civilised Tourism.

China's Ill, and Wealthy, Look Abroad for Medical Treatment - New York Times
BEIJING — China's medical system could not stop the cancer eating at Guo Shushi's stomach. It roared back even after Mr. Guo, a 63-year-old real estate developer, endured surgery, chemotherapy and radiation at two hospitals. Then his son-in-law&nbsp.

Beijing attractions: where to wind down
Probably the hippest street in Beijing is Nanluogo Xiang, in the heart of a heritage zone that claims to be "the only remaining traditional residential area in China ... travel agency, with pre-agreed itinerary: about £65; or, with an English-speaking.

China Beyond the Great Wall - TravelPulse
Despite the province's substantial population, its major cities and its sheer tangible energy, Jiangsu is struggling to emerge from the shadow of Beijing , which is the location of many of China's most famous attractions . I learned of Jiangsu's.

Chengdu: a guide to China’s next hottest destination
China is massive, so in spite of how dramatically tourist arrivals have been spiking the past several years, it’s understandable why so many tours of the country stick to the well trodden path: Beijing ... Check out our guide to traditional street.

China calls the shots - TTG
He says: “As soon as the first warning was issued, Chinese travel agents immediately started to rebook their travels for their customers. The lesson here is they don't stop travelling . It is a case of where they go instead as they just change their.

Budget guide: 3 days in Beijing - Rappler
My mom and I were very lucky because prior to our arrival in Beijing , it rained. This resulted to an Air Quality Index average of 60 during our travel days, which is rated as a "Good" air pollution level in mainland China . We did not experience any.

The 20 most crowded places on earth — from tourist attractions to isolated islands
The Forbidden City in Beijing is a, "maze of traditional buildings" that contains "some of the world's finest artifacts," according to Business Insider. People flock to this palace, which China Highlights ... year. Travel sites abound with tips and tricks.

China United Travel Co. Drains Bath on Hot Springs as Popularity Cools
But despite its varied attractions, tourist interest has cooled and the resort began losing money in 2016. As part of the sale agreement, China ... the travel firm announced a 2.5 billion yuan sports buyout fund with partner Fairview (Beijing) Capital.

50 best Chinese restaurants in the United States - CNN
a reputable Chinese joint. With more than 41,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States, it's not easy picking a top 50. But, based on interviews with chefs and Chinese restaurant associations, surveys of local food writers and polls, and our own.

In gun-taboo China, tourism to US firing ranges grows - USA TODAY
BEIJING — Dickson Wong, a marksman with a deep interest in firearms, arranges tours for groups of other Chinese gun enthusiasts to travel to DeSoto County, Fla., so they can shoot at firing ranges. That's a long way to travel for target practice, but.

Bicycles Mean Less Demand for Fuel in East Asia - Voice of America
Millions of people in cities across Asia are using phone apps to borrow bicycles for local travel . This kind of technology is made for people who want to leave cars and motorcycles at home, and avoid spending money on a taxi service. The Reuters news&nbsp.

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