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60 Minutes footage shows Arpaio when he was ruthless "Joe the Jailer" - CBS News
Arpaio bragged to Safer that he spent more money on food for the jailhouse dogs than for inmates. "They have to lose ... Safer reported that Arpaio was a cop who later became a federal drug agent. He eventually moved to Arizona to retire but decided.

Why Are China's Fish Disappearing? - Bloomberg
One is that a huge amount of food production in China remains small-scale and untraceable. A 2006 government census found more ... While agricultural officials oversee what's produced on farms, meanwhile, food-and-drug agencies monitor what's in the.

Global Drugmakers Poised for Windfall of Approvals in China - Bloomberg
Over the past few weeks, the China Food and Drug Administration has approved AstraZeneca Plc's Tagrisso for lung cancer, Roche Holding AG's melanoma drug Zelboraf and Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH's lung cancer therapy Gilotrif. Long criticized for&nbsp.

12 Chinese Travel Tips for Visiting America
China does a lot of business and trade with the United States, and so there are many websites devoted to helping business people navigate American peculiarities. Using Google to translate advice written in “simplified Han” for Chinese readers into.

Staying Healthy While Traveling: Best Advice for Patients - Medscape
Before taking an international trip , travel health preparation is important. Unfortunately, as many as 80% of travelers don't prepare. Those visiting friends and relatives have the highest morbidity. Healthy travel is more than just having an.

Billionaire Li's Biotech Firm a Step Closer to Putting New Cancer Drug on Market - Bloomberg
Chi-Med eyes global markets after cancer trial success Financial Times.

China's Hawaii Plans a $3 Billion Medical Tourism Hotspot - Bloomberg
The travel site estimates about half a million Chinese traveled abroad for medical services last year. Millions are dying from ... the drug in the country. The China Food and Drug Administration and Chengmei didn't respond to a request for.

You've Never Heard of Paris's Coolest New Neighborhood - Travel+Leisure
Parts of Pantin remain pretty dicey. The town recently refurbished Les Courtillières, a serpentine housing project designed in the 1950s by Émile Aillaud that's now considered an architectural gem. But open-air drug sales still go on. ("Not hard drugs.

5 Tips For Travelling Safely With Food Allergies
But the more I experience and travel, the easier it gets, and this also boosts my confidence and my desire to enjoy the adventure. Here are some tips ... drugs you can take in case of intoxication, and emergency contact numbers. Make sure to bring food.

What You Don't Know About Generic Drugs, and How It Can Hurt You - Bloomberg
“The average American has a series of assumptions about generic and brand-name drugs that don't hold up to historical scrutiny,” said Jeremy Greene, a professor of the history of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. ... Second, a.

New Orleans' Katrina challenges may hold lessons for Houston
After the storm, one officer entered a drug store, handgun drawn, through a pried-open door. He exited after seeing people picking through clothes and hauling off food and water ... solution was to bring in small travel trailers. The FEMA trailers.

Shandong vaccine scandal damages confidence in China health system - Financial Times
Officials admitted systematic problems with vaccine distribution. “There are not even 500 people with the aptitude to inspect drugs,” said Li Guoqing, head of China's food and drug administration's drug supervision department. “There are dead spaces.

Three China store chains pull Japanese goods in radiation scare - Financial Times
Chinese supermarkets have pulled Japanese food products from their shelves after a high-profile television show falsely claimed that goods from one company being sold into the Chinese market were contaminated with radiation from the 2011 Fukushima&nbsp.

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