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Need An Electric Car Charger For Your Home? Consumer Reports Has Important Advice - CleanTechnica
Gil Tal, a researcher at the University of California at Davis who specializes in transportation and travel behavior, says EV and plug -in hybrid owners should drive their cars for a while first and learn about how they fit into their driving habits.

Taste six Italian cities' specialties - USA TODAY
Manfredini explains that in more southern areas of Italy , provolone and mozzarella will be more widely prevalent in various forms, whereas in northern Italy , cheeses such as fontina may reign supreme. Manfredini himself embarks on as much food.

How To Optimize Energy Efficiency For Your Home Office
Travel On A Budget This Labor Day WeekendHere are some helpful tips to keep ... will help cut energy use and costs. For example, if you use an all-in-one printer, it will double as a copier, fax and scanner. You’ll only have to plug in one device instead.

Travelers, beware! Hacking lurks in plugs and ports - USA TODAY
Last time I rented a car, its onboard infotainment system offered to pair with my iPhone, and I instinctively pushed the "yes" button. Wrong answer. Such convenient connections can be a trap for travelers, experts warn. The Federal Trade Commission.

Take Me Away: Sorrento, Italy's paradise by the sea - USA TODAY
There's an Italian paradise by the sea that is home to mermaids, volcanoes, limoncello, Greek legends and Italian traditions. Since the times of ancient Rome, the rich and famous always seem to “Come Back to Sorrento.” Sorrento likely got its name from&nbsp.

Catania, Italy
I'll throw in a plug for a documentary called "Tim's Vermeer" that I started ... Tomorrow I meet up with Lucy and will hopefully have the energy to climb.

Travel bloggers: Money-saving tips all travelers should try - USA TODAY
As part of USA TODAY's new travel research portal Embark, we've assembled an expert panel of travel bloggers to share their best advice to help you travel smarter, safer and more economically. This month's query: Name one important money-saving tip &nbsp.

Business this week - The Economist
From 2019 the Swedish carmaker will produce models that are either pure- electric , plug -in hybrid or “mild” hybrid, which use an engine but can also travel on battery power for short distances. The car industry has been revving up for the changes.

When Will Electric Cars Go Mainstream? It May Be Sooner Than You Think - New York Times
As the world's automakers place larger bets on electric vehicle technology, many industry analysts are debating a key question: How quickly can plug -in cars become mainstream? The conventional view holds that electric cars will remain a niche product.

This color-coded travel adapter works in over 150 countries and makes figuring out what plug to use easy - Business Insider
For example, red can be used in England, green works in countries like Italy and France, and blue is your standard US plug . If you need to power up in Argentina, Australia, or China, simply turn the prongs on the blue charger. Flight 001 separately.

When Traveling Abroad, Don't Forget to Pack the Needed Tech Gadgets - Windows IT Pro
A bit of quick research via Google and some advice from a sampling of travel -savvy pals on Facebook quickly helped steer me in the right direction. First, no power converter would be needed because most modern devices ... If such a converter is needed.

Norwegian Air to fly to Italy from three US cities; $189 one-way fares - USA TODAY
Norwegian Air is adding another new European destination from the United States: Rome. The service will start in November with non-stop flights from both Newark Liberty and Los Angeles. Flights from Oakland will begin in February. (Scroll down to.

2017 Could Prove to Be a Turning Point for Plug-In Hybrids - New York Times
While the electric -only range of plug -in vehicles can be modest at best — Mercedes's S-Class plug -in hybrid can go only 13 miles solely under electric power — it is improving. When the Chevy Volt was introduced in late 2010, it could travel only 35.

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