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My Best Trip Ever: Richard Branson on an Italian Cycling Odyssey - Bloomberg
Branson and his family never cheated on their itinerary: They did Italy from tip to toe, all by human-powered transport. But here, Leuenberger suggests taking a shortcut, particularly if you don't have 30 days to spare. Take the train or drive to Genoa.

8 tech tips I learned while traveling abroad - CNET
My advice : Get your SIM card in advance. ... KnowRoaming's call and message rates are very cheap, and you can buy an unlimited-data package for $7.99 per day. ... One measly travel adapter isn't enough, especially if it gives you just one electrical.

Ryanair passengers scream and pray in electrical storm on 'terrifying' turbulent flight -
The traveller claims it felt like the flight fell by “a hundred feet” as it battled an electrical storm on its way to London. Ryanair's five hour journey was like “the most terrifying rollercoaster” for much of the way, according to Mr Rayner. The.

Travel Day 2 / arrival at Mystery Beach house
A couple quick "good-to-know" points about Costa Rica: Many places have only cold running water, but they have electric shower heads that will ... anywhere most people don't bother to track exchange rates. For all practical purposes, $20= 10,000 colones.

6 travel tips so locals will hate you less - Treehugger
Sure, tourists boost local economies, but unless it's done respectfully, you'll never be truly welcome. I grew up in a region called Muskoka, Ontario's cottage country three hours north of Toronto. It's a beautiful place, with thousands of clean lakes.

Laptop travel ban UK - electronic devices BANNED on flights from THESE countries -
And now Britain has followed suit. A Government spokesperson said: "The safety and security of the travelling public is our highest priority. That is why we keep our aviation security under constant review and put in place measures we believe are.

A Very Italian Bailout - Bloomberg
ECB confirms two struggling Italian banks will close Financial Times.

A Stowaway Mouse Grounded a British Airways Flight - Travel+Leisure
Mice and other rodents are a known problem for air travel , as The Independent explains: they can chew through electrical wires and otherwise wreak havoc on a plane's electrical systems, not to mention the common sense issues that might arise around.

New Startup Teases Electric Crossover with 50-Inch (1.25 m) Wide Display
Texts on their website talk about batteries with 300 miles of range and very fast charging rates, but they don't make ... in Motorcycling for 2016, Part 1 On Electric Harleys and New Generations Travel Checklist & Tips For a Long Car Journey Modern Car.

Top Destinations in Italy Where Italians Go
Yes, there are massive summertime crowds, exorbitant high-season hotel rates, and hard-to-navigate ... rocky cliffs -- is worth the travel hassles. Our Amalfi Coast itinerary is full of pro tips on when and where to go. Italy is a foodie destination.

Traveling This Summer? Skip the Rental Car and Try This Trick Instead -
Even the most nomadic among us might admit that the worst thing about traveling is that it often comes with a fair amount of tedium: the booking of the airline tickets, the reserving of the hotel room, the standing in the TSA security-check line. It.

More people to travel this Memorial Day, says AAA - USA TODAY
The average AAA three-diamond rated hotel will cost $215, or 18% more than last year. Daily car rental rates will average $66, which is 7% more than last year. For those renting cars, the busiest airport pick-up locations are expected to be Los Angeles.

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