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Travel Tips: Before you go abroad, check your passport - MyAJC
Sprague urges parents of active military members stationed overseas and students studying abroad or anyone with aging family members in foreign countries to keep an eye on the expiration date of their passport. “In case of an emergency, that's one less&nbsp.

Program Reviews & Other Ways to Get the Inside Scoop on Travel Programs
However, for the most part, online travel forums are a place of community rather than specifically reviews of study abroad programs or volunteer abroad reviews. They allow fellow travelers to chat, trade tips, share stories, and help each other out.

How These 10 Long Distance Couples Manage to Keep the Romance Alive Every Day - Reader's Digest
They spent the rest of college 400 miles apart, driving more than eight hours to see one another, and even made it through Ashley's four-month study abroad detour in Spain. To keep connected, they set a few ground rules to maintain the spark and their.

Top tips and destinations for your teen's gap year - Your Money
A good quality travel insurance policy is essential: it should cover all the activities they plan on doing as well as the length of time they will be away. The cheapest policies will not necessarily provide the right level of cover needed for a lengthy.

11 Study Abroad Essentials
Getting ready to study abroad ... soon you’ll become a travel expert and know exactly what adapters to get. Stay curious about everything your country has to offer: culture, traditions and history. Above all, studying abroad provides the best learning.

When study abroad ends in death, US parents find few answers -
NEW DELHI — When Elizabeth Brenner's 21-year-old son died while hiking during a study - abroad trip in India, she began searching for other cases and found only partial data and anecdotal records. "Nobody was keeping track of this at all," she said.

Why One Educator Says It's Time To Rethink Higher Education - KUNC
quot;What would it mean to redesign higher education for the intellectual space travel students need to thrive in the world we live in now?" That is one of the provocative questions that opens Cathy Davidson's latest book, The New Education. And unlike.

What You Need to Know About Your Passport - New York Times
Last year, more than 72 million Americans traveled abroad , according to the National Travel and Tourism Office. Yet many international travelers are turned away at the airport because even though they have a valid passport, its expiration date does not&nbsp.

Six young global influencers - The Nation Newspaper
She fell in love with travel during her sophomore year of college while studying Spanish abroad in Spain. After graduating with a financial ... The duo have since launched a jewelry brand and are working on a travel accessories line, among other.

Dream Travel Jobs: How I Lived in Italy + Got Paid To Travel To 10 Countries
As a travel guide, you will be expected to help lead a group of around 50 study abroad students with another guide or two. You will start out as an assistant guide-usually taking photos, counting to make sure the group is all there, making sure no one gets.

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