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How to Take Care of Your Clothes - New York Times
Here are his simple tips for taking care of them. Wash Gently. Melillo suggests washing T-shirts with cold water and drying on permanent press to avoid wrinkles. Also, try OxiClean . “I'm not saying it's going to take away pit stains but I put it in.

In Spice-Laden Kerala, a Break From Urban India - New York Times
After 14 hours in a plane that took us through Qatar and then to Kochi, the largest urban area in Kerala — its airport is the first in the world run completely on solar power — we found ourselves in this beach resort dissecting the new wave of Indian.

5 practical tips for solo female travellers in India, including what to wear - Wanderlust
Here are her 5 practical tips for travelling safely. I'm a young, white, solo female and I've spent more than 24 months over the last four years traveling independently across India on a budget. India is the most fascinating, exotic, exuberant and life.

For Women Only: Tours That Emphasize Adventure - New York Times
based travel agency. She adds that she has seen demand for women-only travel spike, particularly to places like India and Morocco where interests in wellness, culture and food are addressed. Cultural offerings bring together women with similar.

Everything you need to know if you're travelling to India -
As well as clothing , it can serve as a blanket, emergency towel or even a makeshift curtain for privacy when you're travelling . Padlock and chain: Travelling by train? These are a great way of ensuring your baggage is secure. Mobile phone: Indian SIM.

Yak Herders' Vanishing Way of Life - New York Times
With their herds suffering and their future bleak, Dokpas began abandoning the mountains a few decades ago. Today, virtually every family sends their children to boarding schools run by the Tibetan government, in Indian cities as far away as Varanasi.

Taj Mahal dropped from tourism booklet by state government - The Independent
Taj Mahal is incomparable, Modi shouldn't discredit its importance: Agra Tourism industry India Today.

A hangover-free guide to New Orleans
I didn’t travel to New Orleans seeking enlightenment ... long enough to appreciate the culture and cuisine (there’s more than Cafe du Monde and po’ boys!). I began my visit on a somber note at the Presbytere’s “Living With Hurricanes: Katrina.

Outside Anchorage, a Chef Makes the Case for Local Alaskan Cuisine - New York Times
Mr. Reid and his wife Michelle McIntyre — she runs the front of the house — met in high school in Hawaii, the only other state in Alaska's time zone (the Aleutian Islands share a time zone with Hawaii). His cooking resume includes high-end resorts on.

Women who travel the world share a universal problem: Sexual harassment
Lonely Planet’s online Jordan guide ... clothes suits the climate and the need for modesty,” Ward said, “and it shows that you respect Indian culture and are willing to adapt to the traditions of society.” Evelyn Hannon, founder of the online.

8 tips for surviving long flights
I was fresh out of college when I got my plane routine down to a science, but these tips can apply to any business traveler ... I swear by the "Asian vegetarian meal," which usually means Indian food. There are also vegan, halal and gluten-free options.

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