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The Perseid Meteor Shower Is Coming Up — Here's How to See It - Travel+Leisure
Why not combine the two for the ultimate astro-themed road trip ? While pairing the Perseids with the eclipse is perfectly possible, for shooting stars an inky black night sky away from light pollution is required. Anywhere around 40 miles from the.

Disneyland Tips From the Man Who Visited 2000 Days in a Row - Travel+Leisure
Reitz told Travel + Leisure. “So we said let's do all 366, adding it an extra day for the leap year.” For Reitz and his colleague, who were both unemployed at the time, the idea was a motivating one. “We used it as a positive because it forced you to.

How Baltimore Quietly Became the Coolest City on the East Coast - Travel+Leisure
The list of distinguished black Americans who have emerged from this city is long and varied. Billie Holiday and Cab Calloway grew up here, when a thriving jazz scene lit up Pennsylvania Avenue. Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme.

Couple quit their jobs to travel around the world, making adult colouring books -
quot;Back when we left in 2013, I went and bought a tin of fancy pencil crayons with this idea that I'd sit in front of the Eiffel Tower and sketch it, and do the same in other places while travelling ," Kate said. "It didn't happen because I was so busy.

19 Top Travel Tips and Destinations for 2017 - Forbes
If you're mulling taking a vacation this year, you're in luck: I just came back from The New Times Travel Show and will share the best advice I heard on how to save money and where to go. “This year, the whole world is open to you,” said Pauline.

Everything You Need to Do on Your Next Trip to Minneapolis - Travel+Leisure
fun things to do. Hop on a bike, explore the city's Skyway network (indoor covered footbridges that connect one building to the next), or meander down to the banks of the Mississippi River. For more on what to do in Minneapolis, check out the tips.

8 Seriously Useful Tips To Saving On Your Holiday Travel
“Whether you are checking luggage or bringing a carry-on, always weigh and measure your bags to make sure they are below the airline’s size and weight restrictions. Excess baggage fees can be costly. Avoid all baggage fees by only bringing a carry-on.”.

The art of travel: 5 tips for an awesome European holiday
1. Throw away the checklist. Too many travelers head to Europe with a long list of places to see. They’re so busy checking off the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, and Leaning Tower of Pisa …that they miss experiencing how Europeans live (which is so.

How Hopper's Maggie Moran Is Changing the Way You Plan and Book Travel - Travel+Leisure
Purchasing airplane tickets has long been one of the most frustrating aspects of travel — but websites and mobile apps, like Hopper, are working hard to take the guesswork (and yes, the agony) out of the process. Since 2007, this farecasting app has.

3 Tips to Improve Your Family Travel Snapshots
Everybody does it. You take a nice family trip and spend thousands of dollars on accommodations, entry fees, food, and fun. And you take lots of photos of the gang at the various attractions. Then, when you get home and want to relive the joy of the trip.

Travel tips for parents of children with diabetes
Travelling can be an exciting and fun experience. Many parents who have children with diabetes worry about taking their children on trips. It may seem challenging but being prepared can help. Here are a few steps that you can take to help ensure a smooth.

MassDOT Offers Labor Day Travel Tips
WESTBOROUGH, MA - From the Massachusetts Department of Transportation: The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) encourages Labor Day travelers to make informed decisions, utilize all the available technology tools including

TSA to talk travel questions, travel tips
Transportation Security Administration will be answering travel questions and sharing tips so that you can be more aware of important procedures. TSA at Augusta Regional Airport will be explaining why we have some of the rules we have and what you can do.

5 Tips for Traveling Solo After Retirement - Travel+Leisure
Others of my generation, and even younger folks, satisfy their urge to see the world by signing up with group travel companies that plan their itineraries, book their flights, reserve their hotel rooms, and arrange their meals and sightseeing tours.

Want to Take Great Travel Pictures? Jimmy Chin Has Advice - New York Times
It's good to have an idea to get you out of bed and out the door to kind of give you some motivation. But some of the best work that I do is serendipitous or spontaneous, and with travel photography you need to be really open to trying different things.

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