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Health tips for summertime and anytime travel - Communities Digital News
Check for travel advisories before you go anywhere. These aren't just to help you avoid hotspots of political instability and crime; they also cover weather and other safety conditions. If you plan a trip abroad , be certain that all your immunizations.

Bloggers Share Their Smartest Solo Travel Tips
Kiersten Rich of The Blonde Abroad says the downside of solo travel is the cost ... We asked bloggers for their best tips for solo travel. Here's what they had to say. This applies to all travel, but it's especially true if you're going it alone.

Travel tragedies and how to deal with them
Travellers face many mishaps when abroad, some that ruin their holiday all together. While some cannot be avoided, you can be prepared when you are faced with it. Travel tragedy 1: ‘I have food poisoning’ Undoubtedly one of the most terrible.

11 Tips For Traveling Abroad As A Vegetarian Or Vegan - The Alternative Daily (blog)
It doesn't have to be difficult to eat ethically abroad . Obviously, being a vegan or vegetarian can make travel a little more complicated, but it really isn't as bad as it sounds. The trick is to be prepared, know what to expect and have a plan up your.

Travel Insurance at a Glance
To travel to some destinations abroad, some insurance is always a good idea (such as trip cancellation, for instance). To others, medical evacuation insurance may spring to mind (in countries with limited medical facilities, for instance). Be sure to.

Anthony Bourdain Shares the "Key Tipoff" You're Eating at the "Wrong Place" While Traveling - Bravo (blog)
So Anthony Bourdain would eat street food from a cart in the middle of a cholera epidemic in Haiti, and perhaps you wouldn't. But when it comes to lower-risk culinary propositions, Bourdain is definitely the type of insider you'd want to ask for a&nbsp.

Air travel tips: 5 things to know about your rights on flights - Mic
And as excited as you may be about hitting the beach or exploring ancient ruins abroad , the journey itself will likely evoke less ebullient emotions. Air travel in particular can be a nightmare, and disturbing ... Airlines typically don't have to.

What does one need to know when planning an international trip , alone, or as a family, to ensure immigration physical health“;l Below are six{6) tips for a healthy international travel . ... Immigration physical tests are also very important when.

Rick Steves: American tourists abroad should adopt locals' ways - The Columbus Dispatch
Q: What are your top traveling tips for baby boomers? A: The most grueling thing about travel is the heat or the crowds of summer. If you can travel in the spring or fall, it's much, much easier. Remember, your time is a precious resource, just like.

Here's What To Do If You Lose Your Passport Abroad - Refinery29
Losing your identity documents is one of the most terrifying scenarios to happen to someone traveling abroad . While you ... If you still have some days remaining in your current country on your trip , you'll be directed to renew your passport normally.

Singapore Travel Influencers Share Their Tips And Hacks On Travelling
Being Singaporeans, we were born to travel abroad, especially when the little red dot is simply too small to explore. We decided to ask some avid travel bloggers to share with us their experiences and tips to get exposed to more cultures and cities overseas.

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