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50 Genius Money-Saving Travel Tricks Experts Know (That You Don't)
To help you avoid overspending on flight tickets, hotel rooms and hidden travel fees, here are little-known pro tips to trim costs with minimal ... property's cancellation policy. Another smart money-saving trick for families and larger groups searching.

6 tips on saving money while on vacation
Here are ways you can save on your next travelling expenditure 1. Stick to a budget plan. Having a budget plan for travelling is very important. Create a budget for your trip and stick to the budget. Know what to spend money ... when you travel, it is.

12 Tips for Saving Money at Fancy Restaurants
Make It a Business Expense If you're a business owner, the IRS will let you deduct meals purchased during work travel or meals ... implement some of these tips to save some cash. And if you need more tips for saving money, check out our Personal Finance.

7 Ways to Save Some Serious Dollars on Wedding Travel and Accommodations
Already feeling stressed? Here are seven cheap wedding travel tips that will help you save some serious money on wedding travel and accommodations: Depending on your car’s gas mileage and how far away the event is, driving can be the most affordable option.

How to Book the Cheapest Holiday Travel
If you’re looking to save some money this holiday season, data researchers have gotten pretty good at determining the best times to book air travel — as well as when to fly. Yet there is not one rule of thumb to follow when trying to make cost.

How to Save Money on the Road
For anyone thinking of moving abroad to save money, Tim can tell you where to go and how much you will need to live a life of luxury – for cheap! Join 150,000+ people and get exclusive travel tips, advice, and money saving deals sent to you for FREE each.

10 Ways to Travel and Save Money on Hotels [Video]
The two biggest travel expenses for most trips are flights and hotels. Earlier this week, I gave you tons of great tips on saving money on flights. Now I am tackling hotel saving hacks. Check out the video above for more in-depth help on my favorite tips.

10 Tips for Booking Cheaper Flights
If the idea of booking cheap flights sounds appealing to you, these 10 tips will help your air travel become ... flight trends in a graph format. Another way to save money is by having flexible travel plans. Two of the easiest ways to find cheap flights.

How to Make Your Road Trips Eco-Friendly
Packing Reusable Materials Packing the reusable and recyclable items will ensure that you save money when traveling (as you can reuse the items) and that you are saving the environment in your way. Go for refillable travel ... these tips on how to green.

Five simple ways to save money on your next international holiday.
Listen: Jessie Stephens recommends the best money you can spend at an airport. Post continues after audio. It’s also a good idea to register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and to review any travel safety tips listed on the website.

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