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How you can REALLY go back to the future: Experts reveals just what it takes to build a time machine - Daily Mail
Tipler Cylinder Time Travel - The Anderson Institute The Anderson Institute.

How to teach ... feminism - The Guardian
You can take a scientific and historical view of women's rights with this cross-curricular pack from the Darwin Correspondence Project. It uses letters from the era to look at the achievements of Victorian women in the field and explores the.

Reader travel tips: Wearing the 'token' scarf in a closed society
The second, a travel journey writing workshop with Bronwyn Fletcher delivered practical ... It is a beautiful place, filled with history and contradictions. I cannot wait to return. Your cover story "What's the pint?" referred to a revolution in the.

How did Henry V win the Battle of Agincourt? - BBC News
At the Battle of Agincourt, England lost just a few hundred men: the French army lost thousands. England and France had been bitter enemies for years. When they met on the battlefield – 600 years ago – on 25 October 1415, the odds were stacked against&nbsp.

Top 5 Tips for Using Credit Cards Overseas
Here are five tips that ... credit repayment history is important. When you are out travelling, always approach credit use with moderation. Limit your credit cards to a minimum and keep your spending in check with a log of all of your travel purchases.

What are the best first world war books for children? - The Guardian
Although a historical novel, this never feels like one - the historical details, such as the father fighting in France or the German girl who is bullied for her heritage, feel like a natural part of a school experience. Charlotte lives through the.

How to teach … immigration - The Guardian (blog)
What are the benefits of immigration? Are there any challenges that might have to be dealt with in the communities where immigrants live? Students could use these ideas in a piece of persuasive writing , for example, a letter to the prime minister.

Best places in Australia: Top tips from Steven Jacobs and Natalia Cooper
Top tips: My favourite oysters come from Narooma Bridge Oysters ... it is still somewhere Australians don’t seem to consider much in their travel itineraries. It is wild, remote and sparse, with red landscapes that seem to stretch into infinity.

Create the perfect revision plan -
For example, scheduling English revision to appear early in your revision plan may provide useful when revising essay-based subjects such as History , Religious Studies and Politics later on. Similarly, choosing Maths to be one of the first subjects.

A teacher's guide to immersive lessons - The Guardian (blog)
I have used powerful classical music to depict a battle when teaching war poetry, a medley of James Bond theme tunes when writing spy fiction and opera to inspire creative free writing . I have seen others use Gregorian monks chanting to set the scene.

10 things you (probably) didn't know about the Anglo-Saxons - BBC History Magazine (blog)
The Anglo-Saxon age in Britain was one of the most mysterious and fascinating in history . But who were the ... Bede, a monk from Northumbria writing some centuries later, says that they were from some of the most powerful and warlike tribes in Germany.

The witch trial that made legal history - BBC News
In recent years children as young as three have given evidence in court cases, but in the past children under 14 were seen as unreliable witnesses. A notorious 17th Century witch trial changed that. Nine-year-old Jennet Device was an illegitimate.

Top 10 last-minute exam revision tips -
The sun may be out and the music festival season just around the corner, but to the thousands of teenagers revising for GCSEs, AS and A-levels, BST stands for British Swot Time. For the rest of us, summer may begin with the sound of leather on willow.

Counterintuitive Comp Tips for the Unwary and Uninitiated
Stay far away from salary history. One of the greatest sources of compensation ... make sure you get future plans for your compensation progression in writing. Before any manager posts a JD, transmit your comp philosophy throughout the company.

How to teach ... the suffragettes - The Guardian
As a follow-up task, ask your class to write a description of the protest for inclusion in a history textbook, or encourage them to record what happened in a newspaper article, video or blog. You'll find more teaching ideas on the tactics used by the.

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