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The secret way you can wash 'dry-clean only' clothes at home - USA TODAY
Ready for clean clothes ? Pick your washing technique carefully. Cotton, linen, and durable polyesters are often safe to wash with a machine, but wool, silk, and some delicate types of cotton are best treated by hand. Delicates Laundry Bags , Set of 4.

Tips for Cleaning Clothes While Traveling
Pack lightweight fabrics that don’t wrinkle and will dry quickly. I always travel with Aloha Dry Bags for damp swimsuits and clothes, and I would definitely recommend in case you are ever left with damp items when you need to pack up! No gimmicks here.

Should you tip your flight attendant? - USA TODAY
quot;The largest tip I ever received was left for me in an empty peanut bag ," recalls Lauren Cashman, who used to work at Southwest. "The passenger came to the back galley and said he had won big in Vegas and wanted to share. The peanut bag contained&nbsp.

Traveling? Here are some tips to avoid bed bugs - WWAY NewsChannel 3
Bed Bug Management Plan in place to assist you as the problem is addressed. Vacuum suitcases after returning from a vacation, summer camp or dorm and throw away the vacuum bag or clean the canister. Wash all clothing from the suitcases in hot water.

7 Packing Rules That Work For Every Trip - POPSUGAR
Its trip leaders have traveled long enough to know the drill, and they've shared with us seven essential packing tips to get the most room out of your suitcase. Whether you're getting ready for a three-day or a three-month ... Repurpose your sleeping.

Packing cells: The packing tip that changed my luggage — and my life -
My clothing categories change depending on the trip , perhaps one cell for beachwear and others for the city slicking part of a trip , or all shirts in one, dresses in another and so on. I love the way I don't have to frantically dig through my suitcase.

MyDomaine Editors Share Their Tried-and-True International Traveling Tips
Below, each MyDomaine editor shares their tried-and-true international traveling tips ... Parachute's wool travel case with a sweater, or use it as a cover for the plane pillow. It's so soft and doesn't take up extra space in your bag.

What to do when travel insurance doesn't work - USA TODAY
It just means that based on the information it has, it isn't going to pay your claim. "If a claim is denied, insurance carriers will adjudicate the claim against the specific policy," says James Page, the chief administrative officer for AIG Travel . A.

Travel gear: Whitmor Hanging Spacemaker Bags for hanging clothes in your luggage - The Denver Post
SLIMMED-DOWN PACKING: When compact packing is essential, I frequently use self-sealing Spacemaker vacuum compression bags to suck out extra air out from piles of folded tee shirts, sweaters and underwear. Even so, my hanging garments always take&nbsp.

7 best wheeled travel bags - The Independent
A travel bag that is also a backpack or a duffle bag . There are a number of wheeled baggage options on the market at the moment which work beautifully on the marble floors of an airport but can be slung over one or two shoulders at the merest hint of.

Budget Travel Guide: 16 Tips For That Year-End Japan Trip
Arm yourself with these tips, and you’ll be all set for your trip to Japan. Start planning your year end trip with your family or a large group of friends – the more the merrier! In fact, the more people you travel with, the more you stand to save.

Best ways to use a Ziploc bag while travelling -
Chris Auton also appreciates the bag's vacuum seal abilities: “When you pack your carry-on bag , put a change of clothes , jumpers, shirts, underwear into large Ziplocs. “Roll up from ... Share your own travel tip to go in the running to win a monthly.

3 steps to ensure bed bugs don't ruin your holiday - Independent Online
Bed bugs attracted to dirty laundry, study finds - Latest - News - The University of Sheffield University of Sheffield.

Dorm dilemmas: packing tips for hostel hoppers
Fortunately there are many simple hacks to make life easier, and having a well-organised bag is a great place to start, especially when limited space and shared facilities are thrown into the mix. Learn to pack like a pro with these tips and you’ll have.

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