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What to see at the Venice Biennale 2017 - Financial Times
This year sees major exhibitions by British artists Damien Hirst and Phyllida Barlow, as well as a weighty show of the late American artist Philip Guston at Gallerie dell'Accademia, a Warhol-Rauschenberg pairing at the Cini Foundation and Axel.

How Venice Beach Became a Neighborhood for the Wealthy - The Atlantic
Just over a week ago, The Wall Street Journal called the neighborhood where I rent, Venice Beach, California, the toughest place in the United States to build new housing, pointing to it as an extreme example of what is happening in a lot of wealthy.

Owning Time at the Venice Biennale - The Nation.
The four successful applicants performed in the pair's work, Transcultural Protocol, a choreographed three-act meditation on tensions between different cultures, which debuted at the Venice Biennale this May (with stateside performances to be announced.

Book review: Travels in a Dervish Cloak reveals the real Pakistan – its characters, charms and challenges
Pakistan was once prime territory for Western travel writers. It offered an attractive combination ... This personal connection led to Wilkinson’s first teenage visit to Lahore – “a place of enchantment” – and although returning as a journalist.

New Creditinfo App and Services Utilize Blockchain-Based ShoCard Identity Platform to Maximize User Privacy while Authenticating Credit Report Data
He sits on the advisory boards of half a dozen Blockchain startups and has written over 1200 articles ... in major travel and yachting publications. He currently lives in Groningen, Netherlands where he's raising three teenage daughters with his wife.

Geta Brătescu at the Venice Biennale - Financial Times
Possibilities of travel were limited; within the country, expression had to be guarded. After Ceausescu was deposed in 1989 Romania's emergence on the international stage focused on the brilliance of its painters, such as Adrian Ghenie. As a woman of a&nbsp.

Studio Visit: Glass-Maker Mark Pavlovits - Cool Hunting
Do you look at other glass artists for inspiration or advice ? I studied at Corning in the summer program next to the factory at their glass ... He is from Japan, lives in Venice , and works in Murano. He has transformed Italian glass by taking ancient.

The magic of taking a REAL mystery tour: Testing the new site which picks your destination for you... and doesn't ... - Daily Mail
As the list of possible destinations flashed up on my phone screen, I longed for the agony to stop. I just wanted to know where I was headed. I was already en route to Gatwick but still had no idea where I was flying to. What a way to start a family.

Canaletto: visions of a Venice even better than the real thing - Financial Times
“After seeing Canletti's view . . . There was neither the symmetry nor the richness of materials I expected,” wrote one disappointed British tourist to Venice in 1774. At the Queen's Gallery in London, a magnificent exhibition — all drawn from the.

Traveling With Kids: ’90s Supermodel Devon Aoki and Away Show How It’s Done
That being said, experiencing the seasons and microclimates even within our own home state of California has been a great way to travel locally while keeping it interesting. Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag Lots of water and no salty foods before you travel.

27 Parenting and Family Magazines That Pay Writers
It’s a life-changing event for kids and parents, and managing editor Eve Gilman says she’s always on the lookout for stories that help parents through the adoption process and provide practical tips ... raising teenagers in Arizona. “Articles should.

Review: At Venice Beach's New Pasta Palace Felix, Jonathan Gold Admires Noodly Views and Italian Cooking - The Daily Meal
You ease your way through the clot of Negroni enthusiasts at the bar, check in at the hostess stand, and are led into the airy main dining room, the longtime bistro Joe's given a smart face-lift and a vacation in Venice , Italy. Your line of sight.

Why Slovenia's Piran is the antidote to Venice - Financial Times
In the 15th century, when the Adriatic town of Piran belonged to Venice and La Serenissima ruled the seas, a beautiful house went up on the harbour with triple-lancet windows, arabesque stone carvings and a balcony that seemed created for the sole.

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