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5 Money Diaries: A Week In The U.S. On $40,000+ Salaries
Paying for last-minute travel and accommodations ... and reading through journals to see what information is out there. 2:15 p.m. — Leave work to head to a doctor's appointment. I got an IUD a month ago and need to get my strings checked.

Holiday travel tip No. 1: Start separating electronics at TSA security checkpoints
To ensure security lines move safely and efficiently, the Transportation Security Administration is getting travelers up to speed on travel dos and don'ts, including a new security measure involving electronics. During a Tuesday news conference at the.

Power Up Your Journal Writing With These Day One Tips
To find out, take Sam Lytle’s 5 Levels of Digital Journaling Quiz. These 10 questions will help you recognize what it means to develop a digital journal writing habit. To get the most out of journal writing, you need to get in the habit of writing.

How To Schedule Wellness Into Your Workday And Still Get Stuff Done
I bet you’ve experienced more than one morning when you couldn’t get out of bed and swore to yourself that ... If you can’t fall asleep, try some relaxing music or white noise, writing in a journal, or working on a boring, small task you’ve been.

A Day in the Life of a Full-Time Fashion Blogger
The first sequence of questions I typically get asked when people find out I have a blog are ... I showcased sewing tutorials, thrifting hauls, styling tips, fashion week recaps, and industry interviews. Over the next three years of college I slowly.

6 writing tips from a sitting Supreme Court justice
Associate Supreme Court Justice ... writing and writing for a general audience aren't so different. If you work in a technical field — like law — don't write like you're addressing a technical audience. In a recent interview with National Law Journal.

Tall Clocks and Tide Pools: A New England Anniversary Adventure
Andrew came home this summer from a consultation with a client and said he had a challenging problem: how to get ... writing, six days on the road, and 2100 miles—we’ve still got it! Thank you all for still being here with us. We welcome ideas, tips.

5 Tips for Writing Better Photography Grant Proposals
Between equipment and travel expenses, your brilliant idea for a photo series ... The Foundation also offers options for student submissions with prizes valued up to $16,500. If you want to get a grant, you need to write a killer proposal.

Journaling Showdown: Writing vs. Typing
“Travel with it, eat with it ... You don’t have to worry about getting hacked, either. However, when you type, you can create backups of your journal and, using the right tools, you can access your journal from anywhere. Plus, it’s easier to search.

13 Tips For Making Your Charitable Donation Tax-Deductible In 2017
Here are 13 tips ... 4. Get a receipt – even for cash. Cash donations, no matter the amount, must be substantiated by a bank record such as a canceled check or credit card receipt, clearly annotated with the name of the charity or in writing from the.

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